Soapstone Stoves

Over the years we have developed a range of models. We value timeless design with a contemporary touch, which enables our stoves to be the center piece of a living room for many years. Of course, the heat retaining capacities and burning efficiency are always central in our designs. We have a broad range of models based on basic geometrical forms. Most of our models are available in several heights, with the smoke outlet available on the top or back. Thus, as a customer you not only will possess a wonderful piece of furniture but also an excellent heat source adapted to your needs.

Our stoves and fireplaces are a marvel of efficiency.

Babina Plus

The Babina Plus models are among our classics, and their round, timeless shape suits virtually any interior.

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The Kube stove has classic clean lines, with a number of elegant features, such as the side windows that fit neatly in the stones without a steel frame.

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The stove has elegant details, such as the glass door that meshes almost seamlessly into the stone. The visible part is a glass plate that covers the entire front.

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Merethe Plus

Our Merethe Plus stoves have a combination of a rounded front and straight sides, with angled sides at the rear. This design gives the stoves a robust look.

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